Parenting Workshops

“Parenting is the most important job in life yet there seems to be no training for it”

That has to be one of the most quoted comments on the subject of becoming a parent and it’s very true.

Our parenting workshops address practical issues affecting parents and enable participants to share in the day-to-day problems and solutions of parenting.

Our workshops aim to increase parents’ knowledge, skills, confidence and enjoyment of the parenting role. Many of the workshops are fully funded but where this is not possible we offer the workshops at very competitive rates.

    1. ‘Nought to Sixes’

    These sessions offers effective parenting support to parents of babies, toddlers, pre-schoolers and children in the first few years of primary school.

    What the sessions will cover

        • Coping with the pressures of daily living and still meeting the constant need for affection from your small children
        • Coping with children who won’t eat or sleep or co-operate
        • How to help your children grow in confidence and self-esteem

    2. ‘Fives to Twelves’

    One to five sessions that will help parents of children aged 4 to 12 years old to improve their communication skills and create a framework of discipline and respect in their families. They are useful in reducing tension, squabbling, tantrums and fighting, establishing clearer, more respectful parenting guidelines, and making children happier and more responsible.

    What the sessions will cover

        • Children’s Misbehaviour
        • Developing Responsibility
        • Listening to children
        • Encouraging children
        • Communication about problems
        • Discipline

    3. Parenting Teenagers

    One to five sessions to reinforce the same parenting skills while dealing with the more difficult situations met in the teen years. Because it is so important to reinforce skills being learnt, it is recommended that parents of teenagers experience the parenting children sessions first (though this is not essential). The sessions will give parents of teenagers the skills to deal with the more difficult situations met in the teen years and help them to relate to their teenagers

        • Connecting with Teenagers
        • When listening helps
        • What encourages teens
        • Managing conflict
        • Communicating about problems
        • Teenagers and Discipline

    At the end of the sessions, participants will be encouraged to make small plans for the week so they could practise skills learnt.  For example, during the parents will encouraged to plan how they were going to actively listen to their children and identify one misbehaviour that they need to deal with.  They will also be given an opportunity to practise listening skills taught at the sessions.

    There are no easy answers when it comes to parenting, what suits one parent may not work for another.  What you’ll find during these parenting workshops is respect for your family values and culture, plus practical ideas and solutions you can use as it suits you. Many parents find that the skills and knowledge acquired in these workshops help a great deal to reduce tension and arguing in the family, and prepare teenagers for responsible adult living.

    4. Parent Assertiveness

    This programme of up to 5 sessions will teach basic assertive skills which can be applied in the workplace or community, but focus particularly on family situations. An excellent way to complement the learning acquired in any of the other parenting programmes.

    What will the sessions be like?

    It will be friendly and supportive!  This is not a dull, classroom-type course.  Parents will find it relaxing and enjoyable. There will be great respect for different approaches and no one will be preaching at them or telling them how to bring up their children! But they will also gain many practical ideas during the course. The workshop is an interactive session with activities and exercises in small groups so there is plenty of opportunity to ask questions and interact with other parents.

    What parents say…

    Here is what some parents who attended the workshops had to say – Testimonials