Young Adults

Development Programme

What is it?

The Young Adult programme enables young adults, aged 18 to 30 to develop a healthy self-esteem and realise their full potential.  Our aim is to inspire young adults to greatness and create an avenue where their gifts and dreams can be developed.  

The atmosphere is a place where you can be “yourself” without being judged, learn new skills and improve old ones.  The programme will motivate you to greatness, encourage you to dream big dreams and fulfil your potential.

    What does it Cover?

    The programme is delivered over 12 months, it covers

        • Self assessment – developing a healthy self-esteem
        • Skills assessment – identifying your unique gifts and talents
        • Express Yourself – tackling the root of the fear of public speaking and ‘Tips for speaking in public.
        • RELATE – identifying & developing healthy relationships
        • Goal setting
        • Monthly one to one mentoring sessions to help with personal goals.

    To register for this programme, please contact us.  Registration fee applies.