August 28, 2013 @ 1:30 pm – 4:00 pm
Broadwater Village Hall
1B Goosander Way
Royal Borough of Greenwich, London SE28 0ER
Dupe Makinde
07859 057770

An interactive and practical session that will help prepare children for the whole new world of learning.

Moving from primary to secondary school is a significant event and an important milestone in a child’s life. Most of the time, it involves going into a bigger school and the children are expected to cope with new experiences and changes. This session aims to deal with the top worries and concerns that children have about starting secondary school and to equip them with the necessary tools that will help them to thrive in the new whole world of learning.

The session will be facilitated by male and female secondary school teachers and current students who will share their experiences, what worked, what didn’t work, pitfalls to look out for and practical tips to thriving in school. There will also be breakout session for boys and girls together with Q & A session. What will be covered will include:

• What is different about Secondary school?
• Making new friends.
• Dealing with negative peer pressure and bullies.
• Coping with homework and the demands of secondary school.
• Making use of the new opportunities.
• Staying safe on the internet and the street
• Avoiding gangs
• And more…..

We trust God that by the end of this session, the young people will:

• have improved self-confidence and aspirations which will help them to thrive in their new school
• feel nurtured, valued and be motivated to be themselves where ever they go.
• be less likely to be bullied.
• be able to stand up to negative peer pressure that might encourage them to go against their core values.

Who should attend: Students who are starting secondary school in September 2013.
Date: Wednesday, August 28 2013
Venue: Broadwater Village Hall, 1c Goosander Way, West Thamesmead, London SE28 0ER.
Time: 2.30pm to 5pm
Registration: Contribution of £5
Light refreshments will be served.

To register your young people, please contact us by email (info@daylightacademy.org) or call 07859 057770.